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Corrosion tests

The tests of corrosion are carried out in theory on end products or semi-finished. Those are used to highlight manufacturing defects or quite simply to judge corrosion resistance of a product before its marketing.


According to our experiment we recommend mainly the following tests:


Salt spray test


It is probably known the most and more running of the tests in corrosive environment. It makes it possible to quickly highlight a good number of defects limiting the resistance to corrosion.


The realization of the test is done according to several standards according to the choice of the customer. By defect we apply standard NIHS 96-50.


This test is carried out as well on: alloy ferrous, copper, titanium, materials covered or not, polymer, alloys medical and dental, packed productů



A great number of part that we test are in stainless steel. It is indeed correct to test a product to judge it quality and it compatibility with others (phenomenon of pile). Even stainless alloy can reserve some surprises!

Test of corrosion to synthetic sweat


This test is intended to simulate the conditions with carried of a part in contact with the human body.


The parts of optical industry, watch industry, leather working and jewellery are candidates with this test.


They are placed in an enclosure containing a synthetic solution of heated sweat at 35░C. This test is in particular described by standard NIHS 96-50. The duration of this test is in theory of 48 hours.

Preparation of the solution of synthetic sweat in our laboratory.


Test under tropical climate


The tropical climate is as its name indicates it, a simulation of a hot and wet climate.


DIN standard 50017 governs this test. The nominal conditions are T: 40░C,  HR: 98%.

The duration of this test varies from 24 to 200h.



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