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Study, expertise and consulting 

A great number of the mandates which we treat are mandates of expertise.

In this vast domain, our competences are multiple:



Study and assessment of technologies


Seek and technological survey


Appraise, analyzes problem


Appraise in case of conflict


Technological assessment


Material Consulting




The various fields for which we work make it possible to have a total sight of industries. This thorough knowledge of many fields is a major asset for the customer who calls upon our services.


The mandates of expertise and analysis are carried out either in a specific way, or in a preset way according to a precise schedule of conditions. Those often highlight solutions fast and inexpensive, which makes it possible to gain in quality and in productivity.


Our installations enable us to carry out many analyses and investigations in our buildings. That enables you to save an invaluable time.


Technological survey: the principle is very simple. We provide you each month a bearing report on new materials, novel methods of manufacture, new coatings in relation to your activity or on a specific subject on which you wish more. You will thus have an advance on your direct competitors. This study is undertaken according to the information obtained by a wide network of technological poles world. That required on behalf of our customer of soucrire an annual contract.


The material consulting gives you a clear and neutral positioning on the use of new or current materials. Our report will give an account of tests of working, compatibility and resistance carried out in our buildings.




Do not wait any more before contacting us! We will have a pleasure of informing you about the ideal manner to position your product in the technological market.