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It is into 1995 that the idea to establish a laboratory in the Jura germinated. The purpose of this one would be to study the behavior of materials used in industry.  

This idea, Doctor Benghalem, had it in order to take part in the industrial development of the Jura’s arc.


The laboratory was born in 1996.

Since, the basic idea remained the same one. However, competences diversified.


Currently the various horizons of the employees of Metalab, makes it possible to touch vast customers which go from the microtechnique one, with the field medical while passing by chemistry.


It’s in the Technopolis of Jura in Porrentruy, that the laboratory concludes these various mandates of analyses, developments or research.


Metalab is an active company since 1996 in various sectors. It is in particular with the watch industry that the activities developed. During these 14 years, the developments and innovations made it possible Métalab to acquire a highly specialied know-how in particular fields:

Tests of corrosion: evaluation of the behaviour to the corrosion of parts and/or assemblies in various environments : salt spray, synthetic sweat, tropical climate. Read more….

Material analyses: analyzes of all current and exotic materials used in industry, in order to control the quality of your product or to solve specific problems. Read more …

Mechanical properties: determination of the mechanical properties of materials under forms of wire, strip iron, standardized tensile specimen or in massive form. Read more …

Consulting and expertise: Realization of studies and characterizations of processes in place for optimization. Work of expertise on request (problem of rupture, corrosion, compatibility of materials, choice of coatings). Read more ….

Our principal achievements: Since now more than 14 years of existence, we have with our credit various projects which succeeded and which are available. Read more ….